Professional hypnotherapy training leads to
certification as a hypnotherapist.

Our hypnosis school develops competent, caring
professional hypnotherapists.

Weekend classes cover a wide range of hypnotherapy

Professional Hypnotherapy Certification Training

The professional hypnotherapy training offered by the Institute of Transformational Hypnotherapy is a valuable adjunct for any health, counseling or teaching professional. This training gives participants a broad based understanding of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Participants will learn and practice a variety of hypnotic techniques from the very first class.
This training also provides an in-depth review of the therapeutic applications of hypnosis. Participants will learn to apply hypnotherapy in a variety of client situations. Through lectures, demonstrations, and practice, participants will learn hypnotherapeutic methods for emotional clearing, age regression, NLP techniques, analytical hypnotherapy, advanced ideomotor methods, pain management, mind-body healing, and inner child processes. Students receive supervised practice beginning the first day of class. Special emphasis will be put on emotional-cognitive integration and spiritual concepts.

This comprehensive hypnotherapy training is provided in a supportive collegial atmosphere. It provides hypnotherapeutic skills professionals are looking for in a convenient weekend format.

Who should take this training?

The training is designed for those in the helping professions, such as: medical personnel, psychologists, social workers, therapists, counselors, and individuals who wish to become hypnotherapists.

State Licensed School

The Institite of Transformational Hypnotherapy is licensed by the State of Michigan.

Schedule of Classes and Application Form

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