What Former Students Say

What Students Say About the ITH Program

Several years ago my life was changed – so much better – in so many ways!   The thing that was causing this big shift was taking Bob’s Ranger’s Hypnotherapy Training class.
I now am working to heal others and get the privilege of witnessing their life changing shifts.
I’ve seen many things that most people would call miracles and have the privilege of watching these people grow or heal in ways they never imagined possible.
Not only are Bob’s classes transformative for many, but are wholistic in ways beyond imagination.
This class was an opportunity for which I will be eternally grateful that I didn’t miss!
And, remember that one other of the great advantages of studying hypnotherapy through Bob’s program is that he runs a school, not just a class.  And you can become a certified practitioner because he has gone to the expense and time of establishing this with the State of Michigan.
With deep appreciation for the great training I received, — Susan Zimmerman

I’ll be certified to teach CE credits to the nursing community.  And I’m planning to take the board certification test in august. I still have to laugh…every class and seminar I’ve attended since your school has taught me nothing new. Your training not only covered it all, it left me with the self confidence to use the techniques and do the work. I’ll always be grateful for your training.  Jeff Alisch,  C.Ht

I have the highest respect for the course, you offer – in terms of organization and explicit instruction (verbal, typed and illustrated in vivo or via video-tapes). The material is presented in a well organized and yet approachable level. I was able to obtain a global and tangible understanding of what hypnosis is. The length of the class days became a strong and imprinting mode of learning rather than a fatiguing process.
I also became able to get a grasp of how to use the tools you taught us, to complement my practice of psychiatry in just about any level-teaching residents, alleviating emotional pain of distraught patients, guiding healing in very functional patients, and allowing myself to become more focused, functional and at ease when needed. I remember coming out of your seminars physically exhausted but spiritually and intellectually stimulated, revitalized and empowered.
I think the mix of the students is a wonderful benefit to all – Mental Health professionals, nurses, clergy, teachers, administrators. We all had much to learn and much to share. I wish more people would have the benefit of your exceptional offerings. I hope that you will create a special course for physicians to help us be better and more healing servants of the people. Best wishes and gratitude for what you are teaching. Respectfully your student, — Melpo Kavadella, M.D., Psychiatrist

Taking your three courses in hypnotherapy was intellectually stimulating and spiritually fulfilling. I have often commented on the high quality of your clinical knowledge and teaching. In my many years of graduate school, I have never taken a better clinical psychology class then your year long course. Your commitment as a change agent and therapist continuously shines through out the course. Your clinical experience, numerous therapeutic examples and pragmatic teaching tools truly equip your students for successful careers as hypnotherapists. — James Nuttall, Ph.D. Child Psychologist

Your knowledge, guidance, intent, and love have had a profound affect already on myself, and those I love. I’ve had a few great teachers in this lifetime. Some more obvious than others. But you two are divine healers of the first degree. I thank the Lord for this life altering experience. Now, I expect it’s time to become a more open conduit for this love and healing presence. Thank you both for being such a large part of this process. Words are not enough. Humbly, with gratitude, and love. — V. V. , M.A. Psychology, Clinical M.S.W.

I wanted to thank you again for what I gained from your hypnotherapy training. This paradigm has opened up a previously untapped field of perception for myself and the clients I have served. It has touched every facet of my life as well as my professional development.
There are many training programs and books out on the subject. None of them carry the depth and weight of your institute. The scope of techniques covered by the Center for Transformational Hypnotherapy is broad and robust. I have not seen anything like this anywhere else. Your co-teaching staff is very knowledgeable and they clearly love what they are doing.
Most of all, your approach as a teacher will influence generations to come. I am one among many of your students who had a healing experience through this training and I will remember you as a central influence in my spiritual development. Thank you for everything. — Doug Kelshaw MPA CHt.

This is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done in my life. The degree of giving that you all put forth is unbelievable! May your future be full of wonderful experiences. — G. K.

Thank you. You are a wonderful teacher and a gifted healer. Your work is far above & beyond- such generosity and care! This course has renewed my spirit and helped to guide me back on track. I am honored to be part of this experience. From my heart. I thank you. With Love. — C. S.

Thank you for a fantastic experience. I have learned & grown much with this course & with the others. Thank you for all of your love and support. Love — P. B.

What a life changing experience your class has been. As I have told you before I am blessed by your presence in my life. Your love and light emanate, touching all those around you, lovingly. Thank you — D. W.

Thank you – you are a wonderful generous soul & I feel blessed to have shared the class & learned so much from you. Your gifts & giving are appreciated. My Thanks — C. R.

Thank you for caring so much about this practice and your commitment to making sure we have the tools, knowledge & spiritual center for this work. You and Cheryl are a great team. The two of you are changing so many lives! Thank you. Thank you. — E. H.


Today our hearts feel heavy, as we contemplate our last day,
Thinking there’s much more to learn and more we wish to say…
It doesn’t seem that long ago, since starting session one,
But here we are, time quickly passed; and now our course is done.

“We came to learn hypnosis, all the tools and new techniques,
‘We’ve been induced; relaxed, regressed; and even had NLP.
And today, a realization comes over us, as we look at each loving face,
Much more than just hypnosis, was happening in this place.

Over time we slowly journeyed here from different countries, cities, states,
For meeting here in Lansing, was part of our Soul’s fate.
‘We came from different walks of life, personalities, shapes, professions,
It didn’t seem to matter at all and we grew closer at each session.

‘Who knew what experiences awaited us when we started those months ago,
‘Unconditional love, non-judgment, and acceptance we quickly came to know.
‘We all have been transforming, we’ve laughed and hugged and cried;
A bond of love and trust was formed; we feel it deep inside.

And it’s hard for us to imagine, the loneliness we may feel,
Apart from this group energy, that we know is true and real.
For on this Earthly road we travel we’ve sometimes felt alone,
But here, united with Soul family, we feel a glimpse of home.

So today we feel some sadness, even though it’s Graduation Day,
To think our time is over and we’re heading on our way.
And no matter what we may call ourselves, hypnotherapist or C.Ht,
‘We all claim one true title, “God’s Healers” all are we.

And I’m hearing now, from a higher source, “Go in Peace and Joy and Love,
Let not your hearts be heavy, for this group is ordained from above.”
“You have come again together, as you have many times before,
To assist in humanity’s healing and help them find their inner door.

“No My Dear Beloved’s, this is not your group’s last day,
You have united as God’s loving force, to show lost ones their way.”
“Be it not a day of endings, for this gathering of Souls,
Your pledge to help humanity is your true and only goal”

“Service is your greatest gift, go forth, help heal your brothers,
And when you’re feeling tired and alone, come together with each other.”
“Meet in your meditations, create a web of Light,
See each shining heart and face, within your inner sight.”

“Be as bright a flame within yourselves, as each candle that you burn,
And send it forth to Mother Earth, your Light Group now must learn.”
“To merge it’s Soul Light Energies, to help unfold God’s Plan,
Dissipating darkness, may Light stream forth to every man.”

“And feel the rising energies of your Masters, Angels, and Guides,
Supernal Light embracing you, we are always at your side.”
“We leave you not alone Dear Ones, as you go out on your own,
Go spread your Peace and joy and Love, and one day you’ll be home.”

Retha Banez
Institute of
Transformational Hypnotherapy
April 18, 1998

The Graduating Class Of ’96 – ’97

For Knowledge Beyond Words—We Thank You.
For Faith Manifest Through Example—We Thank You.
For Love Shown Unconditionally—We Thank You.
For Hours Spent In Preparation—We Thank You.
For Laughter And Joy—We Thank You.
For Protection Given And Taught—We Thank You.
For Guidance Into The Unknown—We Thank You
For Healing Seen And Unseen—We Thank You.
For Belief In Us—We Thank You.
For Encouragement When Faltering—We Thank You
For Expanded Consciousness—We Thank You.
For Fears Soothed—We Thank You.
For Truth Spoken—We Thank You.
For Magic And Wonder—We Thank You.
For Your Light That Shines Brighter Than The Sun,
The Moon And The Stars—We Thank You.

You Honored Us With These Gifts.
You Touched Us With Your Hearts.
With Love And Gratitude,

The Graduating Class Of ’96 – ’97