Hypnosis 201

Hypnotherapy 201

Total clock hours: 40

Diploma: Master Hypnotist

Objective:  This program is an overview of the therapeutic applications of hypnosis. Participants will learn ideomotor methods, desensitization approaches, and how to apply hypnosis for hypnoanesthesia. Participants will also learn how to work with age regression in a hypnotherapeutic setting.

Program content:

  • Measuring Depth of the Hypnotic State
  • Producing Somnambulism to Enhance the Hypnotic State
  • Producing Hypnoanalgesia and hypnoanesthesia
  • Learn Uncovering Techniques for Therapeutic Change
  • Use Hypnotic Age Regression in Hypnotherapy
  • Access Deep Levels of Consciousness With Ideomotor Methods
  • Learn Affect, Somatic, and Linguistic Bridge Techniques
  • Release Client Emotional Blocks Through the Abreaction Process
  • Reduce Client Fears With Hypno-Desensitization Approaches
  • Learn When and How to Use Post-Hypnotic Amnesia
  • Learn How to Successfully Work With Resistance Clients
  • Demonstration and Supervised Practice

A state of the art manual is provided with each program. These manuals give valuable step-by-step hypnosis processes that can be immediately applied. Participants will receive word-for-word scripts and processes to guide them in the development of therapeutic skills.