Hypnosis 301

Clinical Applications of Hypnotherapy 301

Total clock hours: 40

Diploma: Hypnotherapist

Objective:  This program instructs participants in the application of hypnotherapy for a variety of client situations. Participants will learn to appropriately apply hypnotherapy for fears, phobias, addictions, and childhood traumas. Participants will learn advanced induction techniques, ideomotor methods and regression techniques for therapeutic change. This advanced program covers case histories and numerous situations encountered by practicing hypnotherapists.

Program content:

  • Explore the Intriguing Field of Past-Life Therapy
  • Releasing Negative Energy
  • Explore How to Heal the Inner Child
  • Use Hypnosis as a Tool for Reparenting
  • Learn Language Patterns to Eliminate Fears and Phobias
  • Learn Methods of Hypnotic Pain Management
  • Learn About the Benefits of the Esdaile State
  • Learn Applications of Hypno-Sleep
  • Protocol for Working With Sexually Abused Individuals
  • Learn Hypnosis for Weight Control, Smoking Cessation and Other Addictions
  • Protocol for Networking and referring to Licensed Professionals
  • Establishing a Hypnotherapy Practice
  • Demonstration and Supervised Practice

A state of the art manual is provided with each program. These manuals give valuable step-by-step hypnosis processes that can be immediately applied. Participants will receive word-for-word scripts and processes to guide them in the development of therapeutic skills.